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Sirakov S Ltd. was established in remote past, in 1993 in Sofia, Bulgaria, with a hundred percent of owner capital of Mister Stoyan Sirakov.From the beginning of its existing our company aims its main activity to manufacturing of all kinds of electrical heaters, also all the services that pursuing installation of those heaters and their correct exploitation that aims their long and useful life.Our activities are secured to have material base, manufacturing factory, service and shops.From the beginning of it establishing our company aims conquering wider possible gamma of markets. Just like that, in the present time, we succeed to confirm long term useful relationships with many different, small and large companies in Bulgaria and abroad. Our clients are also many households. All of them are sure in the security of heaters, manufactured by Sirakov S Ltd. and their best level of quality.

Sirakov S philosophy is connected not only in the selling of its products, but also in the correct and precise servicing of its clients before and after the sale. We aims assisting of each client in the design of installation and making of better chose of variant of the project, wished by them. Sirakov S Ltd. offers fully servicing before the installation of heaters and guarantee servicing after the installation.

Using these methods our Company builds network of clients, in all spheres of manufacturing and industry clients and householders in Bulgaria and abroad. Also we use to have a network of trade representatives in most countries in East and Central Europe. Company offers to all of its clients certificates for quality and correspondence of all the products that it works with.

From May 2011, our Company officially presents its new WEB Page and Logo. That way we aims to popularize our trade mark, products and services, on the territory of our country and abroad and to offer correct servicing of its present and future clients.





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