Cassette heater

Cartridge heater generally has all the features of the standard cartridge heaters. Therefore, very often these heaters are plopped into a common line, and given the name cassette cartridge heater, cassette or cartridge heaters.

The primary difference between the heater and cassette cartridge heater is that in cartridge heater or cartridge heater, often means a tubular heater, of circular cross-section of the tube, with a unilateral power supply terminals of the particular heater. Unlike the cartridge heater, cartridge heater or cartridge heater, the most often used for heaters with square, rectangular, triangular or other specific area of ​​the pipe. As with the cartridge heater and in the cartridge heaters, power heaters, heaters are one-sided output.

Another similarity between the cartridge and the cartridge heater is the way they grip. Most often this happens through specially designed clamping plates with drilled holes, fitted with or without bolts and / or nuts grip. Another type of attachment is through a specially made according to the needs of our customers with threaded plugs or specific nagraynitsi and handpiece components.

As a manufacturer of electric heaters so rich experience and culture in this area, we are willing to boldly stand behind the position that there is no problem in the field of manufacturing of electric heaters, which we are not able to solve the successful business of our thousands of customers country and abroad.

For additional questions and clarifications on the cartridge heater, as well as making a specific request for a specific type of cartridge heater, please do not hesitate to contact our experts listed in our website contact details . So we can produce the desired heater in the best possible way, satisfying your specific needs….

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