Heater Nikrotal

Heater Nikrotal are very specific heaters, find application mainly in large industrial furnaces, which is developing ery high temperature that is too much for ordinary border to many kinds of steel pipes and insulation and Drew elements that are conventionally used in the manufacture of the heaters and heater connections and elements.

Standard nikrotalovite heaters used for industrial furnaces for melting special alloys, primarily metal, steel elements, and other items processed and formed at temperature levels above 1100 degrees Celsius. It is from this point of view, as Nikrotala nature, especially Nikrotal 70 and mostly Nikrotal 80 (Nikrotal 80) is the best option for heating these singing as Doy resistant to temperature levels of more than 1400 degrees Celsius, where any other Cantal or resistance wire, would endure and would melt.

Nikrotala because of the high temperature that is used most often used for the production of heating element with ceramic element, often manufactured in a mold, satisfying the specific needs of each client and the heating furnace vsei client.

Eststtvoto because of his work, the heaters of Nikrotal outdoor type heaters with fittings, made of steel supply SS309 or SS310, which elements are heatproof and transferable to higher temperature levels. Preserving the integrity of the heater from Nikrotal, as the final element is built thanks to ceramic items made for each heater.

For additional questions and clarifications on Nikrotal heaters, as well as making a specific request for a specific type of heater nikrotal, please do not hesitate to contact our experts referred to our http://www.nagrevatel.eu contacts connection. So we can produce the desired heater in the best possible way, satisfying your needs.

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