Sirakov S Ltd. manufactures heaters for professional dryers from various fields of activities. Most companies using this type of equipment to benefit from the services of our company, aiming not only to the production of heaters as a backup unit, but also to the installation and maintenance of professional dryers.

Professional dryers, most commonly, are used in production and processing of timber or wood derived elements. In this area heaters help to reduce convection, condensation conditions and those with regeneration of waste heat. Popular cameras are here for drying and sterilization of wood packaging. Thus it is imperative that the presence of drying in the workshops for the production of pellets and briquettes. In the process of manufacture of these products, wood, from which they produce should be thoroughly dried, to give maximum results from their combustion.

Heaters could be found in regulary operating dryers, but also in continuous operating dryers. Depending on the kind of professional dryer,  most common they could be:

– Modular;
– Chamber;
– Cassette;
– Tunnel.

Furthermore, our customers are many companies having professional dryers and equipment, but not only companies with wood dryers. So Sirakov S Ltd. manufactures heaters for:

– Dryers for ceramics;
– Professional dryers gypsum products;
– Drying plants for food materials, fruits and vegetables, herbs and mushrooms, pasta, etc.;
– Dryers for plastics, chemicals;
– Dryers for coatings;
– Dryers for details after water treatment;
– Tobacco dryers;
– Dryers for fish and meat products;
– Laboratory dryers;
– Lines for drying wood shavings, chips, ground biomass;
– Drying lines deep and recycling of materials (shlempa, grape marc);
– Dryers, dryers for sunflower;
– Dryers for coating materials (cultivated herbs, rosehips, plums, etc..)
– Dryers with fluidized bed;
– Dryers for sand, stone flour, salt, bio-fertilizers;
– Heaters shaft dryers;
– Heaters for tumble dryers.

Our company manufactures heaters for boilers specific principle of water-heating and steam. This type of boiler used to heat the liquid, solid or gaseous fuels to biomass.

Popular among our customers are companies holding furnaces, dryers for professional particulate coatings for tempering, sintering of ceramics and other.

More information you can find on the website of our company – http://www.nagrevatel.eu, or listed on ways to contact us.


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