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Heaters for galvanizing

Sirakov Ltd. offers its clients production of heaters provided for the process of galvanization. All familiar with glavanizatsiyata persons is more than clear that galvanizing is the process that takes place at especially high temperature levels. For this reason, the elements used in the process of galvanization can not be ordinary heaters. This type of heater and the heating elements due to the peculiarity that should di withstand extreme high temperature at which, the standard types of pipes SS304, SS306, and even frying pipes SS309 and SS316, can not withstand the temperature and would defective.

For the purpose of galvanizing, and many other processes that are attained extremely high levels of temperature, using heaters and heating elements which are produced with a titanium coating. Titania is the element that is not a problem to withstand the high temperatures of the process of galvanizaiya, and other processes are dominated by temperatures of 900 degrees Celsius or more.

Titanium tube heaters for glavanizatsiya are strictly specific type heaters. Their structure makes them unique in kind, which is not subject to any replacement with any other type of electric heaters. Heaters for galvanizing are innovative solution using a titanium coating makes them virtually indispensable to this process.

Our company produces for its clients titanium heaters glavanizatsiya in every type, size and shape in order usovletvoryavaneto the specific needs of our clients.

Sirakov Company Ltd. manufactures high quality titanium heaters for galvanizing the needs of its customers. More about the needed heater galvanizing, you can get by contacting us by our page (http://www.nagrevatel.eu) contacts.