Heaters for pellet burners

Heaters for pellet burners, especially for boilers of pellet burners are very common and known in recent years as customers in Bulgaria and abroad. This is due to the fact that heating with pellets and alternative pellets products izkyuchitelno is preferred by customers because of their good performance and significant cost savings in fairly good thermal performance, especially when using good pellets of high quality materials can be found on the market.

Our company, Sirakov Ltd. (http://www.nagrevatel.eu), is a leader on the Bulgarian market in the field of basic assortment for the work of all types of boilers for pellet burners. We produce all kinds of heaters pellet burners in all sorts, amperage, wattage, shape and sizes for all types of pellet burners, without exception.

Our heaters pellet burners are extremely high. In accordance with the needs of our clients, we offer the development of each individual heater in an individual system, with different materials, in many cases, even much more appropriate and good, the main materials used by the producer and a major supplier of system pellet combustion and heating pellets.

We offer basic types of heaters pellet burner that cassette cartridge heaters in a variety of proportions, shapes and sizes, capacities and additional gripping and commissioning. Synchronize each heater pellet burner with your pots. Also offer manufacture of various types of pipe, depending on the power of the flame and touch the heater to the flame, which quite often overlooked as a factor of the company, a manufacturer of pellet korelki and what is the final customer extreme discomfort due to the continuing need for replacement of heating elements, especially during the active heating period. Besides most widespread cartridge heaters, we can manufacture the main pipe heaters pellet burners, including Czech, Hungarian, Polish and Russian pellet burners.

For additional questions and clarifications on the heaters pellet burners, as well as making a specific request for a certain type of heater pellet burner, please do not hesitate to contact our experts referred to in our website http://www.nagrevatel.eu contact details. So we can produce the desired heater in the best possible way, satisfying your needs.

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