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Heaters, furnaces and dryers

Sirakov Ltd. offers manufacturing of high quality heaters for all types of industrial furnaces and industrial dryers. We manufacture all kinds of heaters for industrial ovens, including pipe, kantalovi, nikrotalovi and ceramic, which listed four models are the main heaters, which are used in furnaces and peshto engineering. Guarantee exceptional professionalism in making this type of heaters, the most diverse types of furnaces. Do heaters furnaces for the food industry, where the furnaces are the most common, but also for the chemical industry, technical industry for the manufacture of certain parts and components, medical, restaurant. Bread factories produce heaters (heater bread oven) convection heaters (heater offer for each type of steamer) heaters muffle furnaces, in all their diversity.

We also heaters for household and industrial grills and equipment consumed most often in the food industry, catering, hospitality, but also in many other spheres of activity. Heaters for grills are extremely high quality, as, together with heaters for furnaces and dryers are consumed very widely and the overall technology of this type of coils is worked out to perfection.

We also heaters for drying. This application, each heater dryer, located in almost all areas of production. Dryers are the most popular facilities in all areas of production. Our company can be defined as the best performer in the production of dryers, cameras, as well as in the production of dryers and heaters for drying chambers and in the production of equipment and heating equipment present application, in certain specific types of dryers and vushilni cameras.

Sirakov Company Ltd. manufactures high quality heaters for furnaces and dryers for the needs of its customers. More necessary for your heater furnace, dryer or drying chamber and muffle furnace heater or heaters muffle furnaces, you can get connecting with us by our page (http://www.nagrevatel.eu) contacts.