Heaters, and more particularly tubular heaters, some varieties of mikanitovite heaters and in rare cases, coils, manufactured by the company Sirakov S Ltd., are widely used in the heating and ventilation of domestic and industrial customers.

In people’s homes often use tube heater in sterling (cast iron, aluminum or other materials used for the production of radiators), where tubular heaters with capacities of up to 1kW average 6kW – 10kW. Heating stoves, through ventilation in the home for use in larger rooms, mostly houses, where the heat is distributed over several floors or in rooms with more space and higher ceilings. Caller referred to the main website of the company Sirakov S Ltd. – http://www.nagrevatel.eu, you can get advice or advice, exactly what type of heater (wire) could most appropriate to serve you heating your home. We therefore could you produce the necessary heating for heaters, if desired by the customer.

For industrial heaters are most commonly used combining heater heating ventilation system provided for heating specific areas. Use for warehouses, factories, industrial buildings, buildings with large areas and the like.

Heating, ventilation means, most often carried out in tubular conductor elements (pipes for transfer of air masses). These tubes can be steel, black, copper, sometimes PVC (PVC), but in these situations is a combination of polyethylene pipes with other types of elements, where a heater to avoid melting of the PVC itself. This type of system, however, are less popular because it is used for exchanging very low temperatures, ie where heating elements are weak as power. Pipes, which carry warm air masses are diameter pipe, an average of 90 mm and reach up to 110mm-130 mm, and sometimes over 200 mm-300 mm. This is determined by the nature of the system, areas to be heated and distribution of these areas.

Installation of heating system, heater tube, most simply described it as very Heater previously made in the form of several large spiral coils, which are sometimes narrow at the center of the heater is mounted inside the tube. Sometimes for the main air supply pipe is installed in several heaters to prevent the flow of warm air. Running the heated air from the heater to become fans (turbines), which are installed in the system beginning immediately before the first heater. From the warm air quickly and evenly spread to all areas to which the plant is taken off and is scheduled to be heated using hot air masses.

Course used many other types (such as type and shape) tube heaters, as well as coils, mikanitovi heaters, but it is a process of assessment of experts in heating and air conditioning, which determine the type of heating system itself.

This type of system is often used to operate continuously, not only for space heating, but also to maintain a certain temperature. This occurs for example in greenhouses, insulation moisture in certain industries, preventing rot, drying wood, growing organic crops under specific conditions and others.

More information you can find on the website of our company – http://www.nagrevatel.eu, or listed on ways to contact us.

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