Heaters in HOTEL

Tremendous popularity in recent times, heaters manufactured by a company Sirakov S Ltd., acquired in the developing sector of the hospitality business. The application of a heater here could find many different options. The most common use of heaters in the hotel is connected to heating of swimming pools (indoor and outdoor), swimming pools for relaxation (high temperature hot water heating), sauna / sauna (heated by heaters or accompanying heating, using heaters). Use in hotels are also heaters for heating of large, medium and small areas (conference facilities, recreation rooms, lobbies and many others). In spas heaters are also quite well known and used. Besides sauna where we mentioned that the heater can be used for heating and reached a certain temperature, heater can be used in steam baths, Turkish baths, massages specific centers, hot tub, whirlpool appliances (showers, tubs, etc.).

Heating large areas is very easy and simple use alcohol wound heater, through the ventilation system and the ordinary fans for air quickly and easily warm rooms with large areas for a short time. Thus, the principle of air conditioning systems and automation of the process heater is competitive to conventional heater for heating air conditioning systems. Also the use of heaters in the radiators of all types allow you to quickly warm any room, regardless of its volume and area.

Spas, as already mentioned above in the subject are very popular client of our company because it is always useful leads and springs are sufficiently hot. Namely the maintenance of higher water temperatures and appropriate, hoteliers mass heaters use us to reach the desired temperature. Also recently popular mud baths are heated to temperatures suitable for use through the heater, manufactured by Sirakov S Ltd. Already mentioned saunas, steam baths, Turkish baths, massage center, Jacuzzi and other appliances.

There are interesting cases where customers dozagryavat waters of mineral springs in order to achieve maximum comfort and satisfaction among their customers. In these situations, the clients do not hesitate to contact us for consultation and production of specific heater they need.

The most common use among the hospitality community are tubular heaters because of their easy application and fast, bringing in an easy way in any form which meets the needs of customers and details of his equipment, plant or facility where the heater should work and to perform its function.

More information you can find on the website of our company – http://www.nagrevatel.eu, or listed on ways to contact us.

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