One of the most popular areas, where the heaters,manufactured by the company Sirakov S Ltd., are used  is in the professional restaurants. In this specific and common global business, the heater can find application in various machines and components. For example, we have produced heaters largest and leading restaurants in Bulgaria, also we have established contacts and working with Bulgarian and European companies importing equipment for restaurants, cafeterias and others, where our heaters are used and popular for years.

Unfortunately, many owners of the above mentioned types of companies engaged in this activity, do not even suggest that they could restrict and reduce the significant proportion of its costs in contact with Sirakov S Ltd. and buy by us some of the most fast moving spare parts, used daily, at better price and higher quality output.

Our clients are sure to use products manufactured by our company heaters are characterized by quality, at times better than that they  are offered by companies, producing “original” parts. This is due to some key moments, which generate the production of each heater, which is intended for the end customer. The main point here is that firms producing equipment for restaurants and bars worldwide, ensure 80% successful implementation of its products, because the end users or other companies who resell their products with a specific service (in most times have installation and maintenance contracts) does not suggest that can find the heaters, they need, even in Bulgaria. This condition is a primary producer to enter into long term contracts with a company that produces large quantities of their production, the basis matrix. In view of the fact that the company has become a monopolist in the production of this particular specific type of heater, it lets down its economies of scale, which is characterized most often by the use of low quality products (heating elements), which is produced each heater. This is a big disadvantage for everyone engaged in this type of activity as a blown heater for low-quality, cost incidental expenses of the company that uses it (discard the food we cook, but can not be cooked end, customer dissatisfaction, which rushed lunch because of their busy lives, and a real opportunity to lose customers, which can easily lead to poor distribution of the name of your business). Everything listed above is not only unacceptable for a restaurant, and for anyone who deals with business. Manufacturers afford to range between quality level of heaters, because they have become a monopoly in the field.

Front information helps to reveal the fact that for each heater, purchased from Sirakov S Ltd., the customer, be it end user or company dealing with equipment for restaurants and bars and a fitting will be paid much lower costs to the individual heater.

Technological delivery time of the heaters also significantly reduced due to the fact that we, in Sirakov S Ltd., manufacture them in its own base in Bulgaria, where we have the best quality equipment and all necessary for this purpose, materials and supplies. In most cases, our clients before they begin a fruitful relationship with us have been waiting weeks and even months for products that we have served them for several days.

Heaters used in this activity, most often tubular, stainless or black pipe. Form and species are extremely diverse, but this is not a problem for us to produce any form, satisfying the needs of our customers.

     Heaters are in use professional convection, stove, oven (for pizza especially), deep fryers, professional grills, display cases, which keep hot food, etc., depending on the type and purpose of each room and kitchen.

To help our customers, our company has developed a service “installation and maintenance of heaters”, manufactured by us, which give exceptional conditions for the benefit of our customers.

More information you can find on the website of our company – http://www.nagrevatel.eu, or listed on ways to contact us.

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