All kinds of electrical heaters

“Sirakov S” has a new address: 68 “Bratia Bugston” street

On attention of it present andfuture clients Sirakov S” represent manufacturing all kinds of electrical heaters, personal delivery and installing of those heaters, if our clients would like this.We manufacture heaters, working at:

  • Dry surroundings;
  • Water surroundings;
  • Air surroundings;
  • Specific surroundings of working;

For manufacturing of our goods, we uses only high quality products, supplied by leading companies in these sphere of business. This are companies, we used to establish long term business relations and that guarantee best quality of our final products – electrical heaters.

     Sirakov S Ltd. supplies manufacturing of abundant gamma of products and services like:

  • All kinds of tubular electrical heaters;
  • Micathermicheaters;
  • Quartz heaters;
  • Cartridge heaters;
  • Coil heaters;
  • Silicone Heaters;
  • Heating tape;
  • Foil heater;
  • Drum heaters;
  • Ceramic tiles;
  • Finned heaters;
  • Hot runner heaters;
  • Silicone heaters;
  • Fiberglass heaters;
  • Flexible heaters;
  • Ceramic heaters;
  • Infrared heaters;
  • Heaters for electrical appliances;
  • Heaters equipment;
  • Specific electrical heaters,custom- made and only for needs of the client;
  • Assembly and supporting of all the heaters, made by us;

Our HEATERS finds their realization in all spheres of economics and all the production and industrial sectors like:

  • Metallurgy and Metallurgical industry;
  • Chemists and chemist industry;
  • Textile and textile industry;
  • Foods and feeding industry;
  • Woodworking and carpentry;
  • Ecological fuels, ecological revision, alternative fuel supply and alternative sources of heating and energy;
  • Electro technicsand power supply industry;
  • Medicine;
  • Hotels, hotels equipmentand hotel business;
  • Restaurants, restaurants equipmentand kitchen equipment;
  • Spa centers, balneology centers and wellness resorts and sanatoriums;
  • Professional and domestic swimming pools;
  • Professional and domestic saunas;
  • Printing houses and printing industry;
  • Drying machines and equipment in all kinds of manufacturing;
  • Road and transportation equipment and building;
  • Agriculture and agricultural manufacturing;
  • much more spheres and sectors…





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