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Infrared Heater

This type of heaters is characterized by the emission of infrared radiation. Ceramic infrared heaters used many different fields of activity. Ceramic infrared heaters used for melting, extraction and processing of resin, paint drying, roasting coffee beans, and even the most pure form of heating system.

Our company offers a prozivodstvo angrevateli at a different voltage and design, depending on the specific needs of our clients. We offer ceramic infrared heaters with or without J / K type thermocouples. Inracherveni produce ceramic heaters with different terminal, different color, high luminous efficiency. We produce ceramic infrared heaters are characterized by short to reach the desired temperature levels.

With Sirakov Company Ltd produces high quality infrared ceramic heaters needs of its customers. More about the necessary infrared ceramic heater you can get connected with us at our website at (http://www.nagrevatel.eu) contacts.