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Sirakov S Ltd. offers precise production of all types of industrial heaters and industrial heaters, as well as their delivery and installation, if necessary by the client. We produce heaters for you working in:

  • Dry environment – heaters for a dry, non-liquid environment;
  • Liquid condition – heaters partially or completely immersed in different liquids;
  • Air condition – heaters operating entirely in the air environment;
  • Aggressive condition – heaters working in an aggressive environment, with chemicals, acids, bases and more;
  • Specific working conditions – heaters with uniform functions and performing their work under specific conditions;

For the manufacture of the heaters we produce, in all their variations, we require the use of only high quality products, from proven and leading companies in the industry. With these companies, we have established lasting and fruitful relationships that guarantee the quality and prompt delivery of all our heaters and alternative ancillary products.


Sirakov S Ltd. offers production and sale of a wide range of heaters and heating elements, which include:

  • All types of tubular heaters and tubular heating elements (of the commonly used types of tubes – steel tubes, in their various variations SS304, SS309, SS316L, chrome tubes, frying tubes, black tubes, copper tubes, quartz tubes);
  • Micanite heaters and micanite heating elements (in various shapes and variations, micanite heater, flat micanite heater, drum micanite heater, mantle micanite heater, mantle micanite heater and bandage heater micanite heater);
  • Cartridge cartridge heaters, known simply as cartridge heaters (popular cartridge heaters made in the straight version and cartridge heaters in “D” shape);
  • Original cartridge heaters (in various configurations such as length, power, nozzles and other high quality methods);
  • Quartz heaters (using different specific and standardized diameters and thicknesses of quartz tubes. Our company is a unique representative of quartz tubes for Bulgarian heaters market);
  • Quartz tubes (selling tubes or assembling them in a quartz heater or large quantities of quartz heaters);


  • High-speed heaters (Straight heater, Spiral heaters, Spiral fast heaters);
  • Infrared heaters (IR heaters in their full variety – ceramic heaters, quartz heaters, halogen heaters, carbon heaters and other infrared heaters);
  • Ceramic resistors (used to reduce the voltage in various fields of production, made on the principle of heating elements);
  • Flexible heaters (electric heaters popular for removing moisture and thawing, for windows and gutters);
  • Ceramic heaters (heaters made from different ceramic bases supplied or made by us);
  • Silicone heaters (wide range of silicone heaters; customer-designed silicone heater);
  • Electric Heaters for household and domestic appliances (stove heater, dishwasher heater, boiler heater and other types of heaters);
  • Heating installations (Heater for heating for specific heating purposes);
  • Specific heaters, on request and only for the needs of the customer (production of heaters by model);
  • Reotani or reotan heaters (production of reotani in different length, thickness, power and current);
  • Finned tubular heaters (standard tubular blower heaters with coil);
  • High temperature resistant tubular heaters (tubular heater for extremely high temperature);
  • Specific cartridge heaters (cartridge heaters requiring specific workpieces);
  • Electric fin heaters, film heaters, fiberglass heaters, foil heaters, heaters;
  • Electric heaters for cans, barrel heaters and heater for IBC container – silicone and insulated bandage heaters, with option for a heat casing for complete coverage of the heated element;
  • Silicate or silicate carbide heaters (specific high temperature heaters based on specific chemical elements);


Our HEATERS are used in all economic and industrial sectors:

  • Industrial Heaters for Metallurgy and Metallurgical Industry;
  • Industrial Heaters for the Chemical and Chemical Industry;
  • Industrial Heaters for the Textile and Textile Industries;
  • Industrial Heaters for the Food and Food Industry;
  • Industrial Woodworking and Woodworking Heaters;
  • Industrial Heaters for the Manufacture of furniture and the furniture industry;


You can take a look at our heaters. You can also follow us on our Facebook page and our LinkedIn page.


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Personalized cartridge heaters.

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Heaters, furnaces and dryers

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Ceramic tiles (resistors)

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Industrial heaters

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Service of your plant and equipment

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