Sirakov S Ltd. company is a manufacturer of high quality heaters of all types for nearly 20 years. The company works with specialists who have worked many years in the manufacture of heaters, even before the changes in Bulgaria in 1989. We have a technologically literate people with professional experience, guaranteeing optimum quality, marketing of electric heaters.

Each heater has a complex production process that is necessarily connected with preparation of materials to be used for the specific heater. Of course this does not include amateur heaters, which you can find information in any blog or forum on the theme, uttered or written by a philosopher-engineer who has no idea even what elements of production are available on the market.

This topic will comment on the production of professional stoves, high quality, rather than those produced at home and intended for single use only.

As already mentioned each heater is characterized by preparation of the heater according to the type and shape. Thus, the most popular type of heaters – pipe – was observed following production process (note: it is a standard type tubular heater that is made through specific devices). Process is generally characterized in the following stages:

– Preparation of the pipe – select the type of tube cutting, machine specific to each tube;
– Interior and exterior cleaning and if necessary grinding and shaping of the tube until it is in legal form;
– Grinding and shaping the ends of the tube in order not to get jokes and protruding chips;
– Thinning of the edges and in particular the inactive part shining;
– Preparation of wire – the calculation formulas and specific forms of power and length of each wire and comparing the result with the length of the tube, to be collected it;
– Winding the wire from the edges, with a Swedish origin, which is the highest quality known edges, which ensures long life of the heaters of each customer of our company;
– Coupling of the specific end of wire, which is characterized by the specificity of the entire heater and how it handles;
– Stretching the wire a special device, which is generated automatically set the required length of wire;
– Insulation (in one case), which is mostly kaolin and stamped with a special item;
– Positioning (in other cases) and without compacting paste of kaolin by specific element;
Note: isolating it in different ways, depending on the specifics of the heater, length, shape, use.
– Testing of the heater – a specific process through which the heater is put into use in specific conditions where the desired output test, correct functioning, his resilience in changing the standard terms and conditions under which the heater would have to operate, it burns with a view prevent moisture that could damage it and lead to combustion;
– Sealing the heater;
– Processing of specialized equipment to form the heater, which must be met;
– Possibly putting additional clamping elements and specific tips, depending on the requirements of the working environment and working conditions;
– Laboratory testing of any subsequent defects heater;
– Packed with the aim of obtaining optimal commercial form.

Any other type of heater (micathermal, flexible, quartz, ceramic, etc.) is characterized by its own specificity and production process, which is closely covers the type, form and application that would have given heaters.

More information you can find on the website of our company –, or listed on ways to contact us.

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