Quartz Heaters

Quartz heaters are used extensively and are strongly represented in almost all areas of industry and mechanical engineering. This is due to the fact that they are quickly distributing heat. Quartz heaters are characterized by extreme and toploobmennost toplorazpredelyane the entire surface.

Good heat of quartz heaters, which can be compared with the already not so popular, ceramic heaters. This perfect heat in each quartz heater is due to the fact that this type of heater is no internal insulation and the spiral (wire) has been isolated only from the quartz tube. This allows these heaters can reach very high power, and it is evenly distributed over the entire pipe. In each tube can be inserted much larger section of Kant, which can be rolled up and mandrel wider than standard tubular heaters, where the area is limited by the need for insulation (quartz sand , magnesium, kaolin and other special materials). Quartz tube in turn has a very good quality heat exchanger. Quartz rapidly achieved a bear wire (edge) temperature almost instantaneously transmit it to the surface of the quartz heater. (Http://www.nagrevatel.eu) These heaters to very close to infrared heaters, but have some variation of them. The findings of these heaters can be made just as in standard pipe heaters. Quartz heaters can be manufactured with a hard edge, twisted end with a flexible tip lengths varied according to the requirements of our clients.

A strong disadvantage of quartz heaters is brittle quartz tubes. As with any glass, although very hardened, quartz tubes chivstvitelnost be in shock. However, their weakness in shock and vibration is compensated by their resistance when pressing game. This quartz heaters are not so weak, precisely because of their zakalenostta that allows them to withstand not small weights on them. (Http://www.nagrevatel.eu)

Quartz heater is used in almost all areas of production, but are highly razporstraneniya in the production of plastic products and their subsequent use in specific industries also began quartz heaters are used in livestock which seeks rapid change in temperature and Maintaining a certain temperature, which in large rooms can be reached by Fast heaters. The temperature of the quartz heaters are controlled by thermostats, depending on the needs of their use.

Another positive feature of this type of heater is that it managed to maintain the integrity of the quartz tube heater that allows combustion Kant (spiral wire) can be recharged only by new mascara and continue to work. This can over a long period of time to reduce production costs of an enterprise. http://www.nagrevatel.eu

     For additional questions and clarifications on the cartridge heater and for making a specific request for a specific type of cartridge heater, please do not hesitate to contact our experts listed in our website http://www.nagrevatel.eu contact details . So we can produce the desired heater in the best possible way, satisfying your needs.

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