Service of your plant and equipment

Company Sirakov S Ltd. offers service for household appliances. If you have problems with your household appliances, do not hesitate and call us or bring your device in place;

     We offer service for your home appliances. Calling Us, you can book an appointment. After that we will send you a master of the company to identify and eliminate defects in your appliance. We offer repairs on your home:

– Automatic washing;
– Dishwashers;
– Boilers;
– Cookers;
– Other – after consultation by phone or master of the company;

     Your bringing a small-size appliances in our shop. They will take your request and will give you time to master that will repair your device (if its possible to repair) and you can come back to the store to get it ready for use.

Our experts are people with extensive experience in the repairing of appliances. That experience is complemented by daily repairs they perform. This is a guarantee that when you contact our company for repair of your appliances, our masters will do everything that is possible to be done to repair your appliances.

In the phone call to us we could not tell you the exact amount of payment you will have to pay them to perform a repair, as damage will only be in place and only then could be made for carrying amount of a given service.