Spiral finned heaters

Helically profiled heater typical tubular heating elements with spiral ribbing along the surface thereof. Spirally ribbed heaters are labeled as such precisely because of their ribbing resembling a spiral surface. This surface is in most cases completely slotted from the beginning to the end of the tube.

Helically profiled heater can be formed on various types of tubes that are standard with the circular cross-section but also helically ribbed heating elements , can be formed on tubes of square or rectangular cross section , and also occur and embodiments of helically finned tubes made in a tube with a triangular cross-section. Spirally ribbed heaters are used most often in the transmission of warm airs in isolated areas . This enables the spiral ribs heater to cool further , which ensures a long life.

All spiral finned heaters can be deformed and shaped , on request , just as form and contract all standard tubular heating elements. Spiral ribs heater can be powerful just as all other electric pipe heaters. The findings of the spiral ribs heater generally come to power again like for tubular electric heaters and elements uptake spiral fins heater , again the same as all electric tubular heaters, absolutely no difference. The only difference between the helical ribs and the standard heater electric tubular heating elements has helical ribbing at the tube surface .

Plasi Co., Ltd. has developed a system for professional download spiral ribs on each heater. This spiral ribbing may vary in different sizes depending on the application and the heater power , as well as areas that should be heated and where it will be applied given spiral finned heater.

As a manufacturer of electric heaters so rich experience and culture in this area , we are willing to boldly stand behind the position that there is no problem in the field of manufacturing of electric heaters, which we are not able to solve the successful business of our thousands of customers country and abroad.

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