Heaters for extruder

Extruders are extremely popular machines. Extruder heaters are the main module ( feature ) in each extruder . Therefore company Plasi Co. Ltd. ( Sirakov Ltd ) is specialized in the production of this type of heater . Extruder heaters are different configurations and as a form of execution. Also, heaters for extruder are quite different as a heater. Unlike other types of machinery and equipment that our company manufactures heaters, heaters for extruder are quite various types as variations and configurations and rarely heater for one model coincides with the extruder heater other extruder .

Heaters for extruder range and power and are quite different, depending on the characteristics of the extruder itself . This is also determined by the size and capacity which the extruder should be compacted . Extruder heater is highly specific for each model, but for us there is no problem to execute any variation to our clients makes us an invaluable business partner of any company holding an extruder. Our longtime customers know well that any oil extruder manufactured by us is guaranteed top quality and long life.

As a manufacturer of electric heaters so rich experience and culture in this area , we are willing to boldly stand behind the position that there is no problem in the field of manufacturing of electric heaters, which we are not able to solve the successful business of our thousands of customers country and abroad.

For additional questions and clarifications on the cartridge heater , as well as making a specific request for a specific type of cartridge heater , please do not hesitate to contact our experts listed in our website http://www.nagrevatel.eu contact details . So we can produce the desired heater in the best possible way , satisfying your specific needs.

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