Sirakov S Ltd. produces and installing heaters, heating elements and heating systems in many different areas of public policy, which in most cases, are municipal or state property. Not in a bit percentage of cases, they are private property and a public impacted.

In the dynamic conditions of infrastructure development and improvements in public places frequented by many people every day, the owners of these buildings invested in the implementation of heaters in these places.

For example, in Sofia and other major cities within Bulgaria, mass heaters apply for restoration and construction of underpasses and overpasses. Heaters there are applied in 98% of cases under the stairs that were built as entrances and exits of these underpasses. This type of heaters are the type of flexible heaters and make 3-5 layers parallel along each step. Activation of these heaters is done in several ways. One option is to permanently turn on the heaters in reaching a temperature or temperature range. Alternatively, a mechanical turn the heater on demand, by the head of the subway or given by the central service center, if a city has provided one for subways and overpasses. Also rain covers on the subways, often have an installed heating system for melting and runoff of snow and ice and prevent the loading of these facilities where the daily march hundreds and even thousands of people.

Highly developed in the European Union and the United States, Canada and Australia is building heating systems, by embedding a heater in the roads and road facilities. In the construction of roads under asphalt or made quartz surfaces for specific tube chute, which is most often applied and installed pipe heaters, but not exclusively, used for removing snow, ice, even getting wet road surfaces. This in itself leads to prevent this, thousands of people daily to become the victim of an accident.

Besides the utility on protecting human health heaters have a positive impact on the costs of property owners. This is because in most cases the power of this type of heaters used priority sunlight that is collected by solar cells installed in curbs, guardrails, lane markings, barriers and sheds on subways, and many other prominent and not so prominent places there, but have ample supply of that necessary to power heaters, electricity.

Heaters Sirakov S Ltd. company are used in many other public places and places of public utility. This helps our company through high quality of our heaters, to establish its brand, not just bits and the private sector but also in the public sector.

More information you can find on the website of our company – http://www.nagrevatel.eu, or listed on ways to contact us.

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