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Sirakov S Ltd. was established before the distant 1993 in the city of Sofia, with sole owner Mr. Stoyan Sirakov. For many years of its existence, the company has focused entirely on the production of all known types of industrial heaters, as well as all services that accompany the installation of these industrial heaters, their commissioning and their proper operation, with a view to their longer and useful life. You can find all information about heaters at all and detailed information about our heaters.

The company activity is ensured in such a way that we have material, warehouse facilities, with a wide range of available heaters and the accompanying production materials, an existing production workshop and the creation of a second one, in the province, not far from the city of Sofia, in order to differentiate the manufactured heaters and detail the each individual heater for maximum durability and highest quality We also have our own service and shop network. Since its inception, we have been aiming to conquer many new markets, both at home and abroad.

Thus, to date, we have established ourselves with lasting and fruitful relationships with many different, small and large enterprises, both in the country and abroad. We also work successfully with thousands of individuals who have, over the years, become convinced of the reliability and quality of our heaters, other products and services that Sirakov S Ltd. offers.

Company philosophy

Sirakov S Ltd.’s philosophy is not only to sell its industrial heaters (products), but also to offer honest and accurate consulting to its customers. We offer consultations before, during and after the sale. The purpose of Sirakov S Ltd. is to offer affordable assistance to the client. It focuses on the design of the installation and selection of heaters, as well as the most appropriate option for the individual project. Sirakov S Ltd. offers completely free consultation before the installation of the respective products. All products are under warranty after installation and commissioning.
Our company strives to continuously develop its services in the dynamic field of production of heaters:

  • for mechanical engineering;
  • meat processing;
  • service of specific machinery and equipment.

This is achieved through the continuous renewal of production methodologies, technologies, materials and products used. This allows us to be extremely competitive and to realize more and more high quality heaters, both in Bulgaria and abroad.

In this way the Company has built a network of loyal customers in all areas of production, industry and everyday life throughout the country. And also abroad by having qualified sales representatives and distributors throughout Eastern Central and Western Europe. The company offers all its customers certificates of quality and conformity of all products with which it works.

NEWS about HEATERS and our company

Since June 2019, our company has officially launched its updated website with new features and logo. They aim to promote the brand, products and services on the territory of the country and abroad. And also to facilitate the service of their current and future clients. The expectation of our updated site is to bring recognition among the companies producing heaters in the country. Many of them borrow and use the wealth of experience and information that our experts have developed for you.

Since April 2012, due to the increased interest in this type of product, our company offers its customers a wide range of high quality, hard to detect, quartz tubes. They are of extremely high quality of workmanship. Used for many specific activities, as well as for the production of quartz heaters.
After 2016, we standardized and started manufacturing:

  • silicone heaters;
  • insulated band heaters;
  • silicate carbide heaters;
  • flexible ceramic heaters;
  • ceramic band heaters;
  • carbon heaters and halogen heaters;
  • energy saving heaters (nano heaters).

In this way, we reached the optimum range of products manufactured. We have established ourselves as the only company in Eastern Europe capable of producing all kinds of known heaters. We have also developed a system that makes our heaters customized to the client’s individual needs.


Since the beginning of 2019, the company has launched a new rebranding project with a new logo and a new multifunction site for heaters. It is intended mainly for foreign clients, for whom we will keep you informed.

In 2019 we plan to participate in numerous international fairs and exhibitions, where our customers will be able to view our new and most popular products.

You can take a look at our heaters. You can also follow us on our Facebook page and our LinkedIn page.


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Personalized cartridge heaters.

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Coil Heaters

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Heaters Nikrotal (NIKROTAL)

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Service of your plant and equipment

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