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Heaters, pellet burners

Sirakov Ltd. manufactures all kinds of heaters, pellet burners, upon request of the customer. Produce dozens of cartridge heaters find applications in pellet burners. Also produce expedient tubular heaters in any specific forms provided for use in Czech, Russian, Italian and other popular boilers for pellet burners.

Lighters pellet burners are the most common, especially the last production models produced by cartridge heaters types (you can learn more about our cartridge heaters of our site (http://www.nagrevatel.eu). In many cases, these are cartridge heaters with a thickness of the tube from d = 6mm to d = 14mm, a length of pipe of L = 100mm to L = 250mm. To make this type of heaters are used, most often steel pipes SS304, SS306, SS309 and heatproof and SS316. Various types of pipes are required due to the different method of work of each pot, respectively lighter pellet burner, namely create some distance from the flame and heater itself is protected from flame and other fall near the flame, which can damage their outer structure and lead to premature combustion of a heater.

Due to the good work and extend the lifespan of each heater pellet burner, company Sirakov Ltd. offers manufacturing of cartridges, as a single unit, in a cartridge heater with the burner, which cartridges are used as additional insulation on the heater itself who also are perforated to create air circulation and cooling of the heater, preventing it from overheating. At the same time, these additional elements, the sleeves, protect the heaters in the event that the boiler is provided for creating a close-flame heater that is ejected directly into the flame, creating the prerequisite for reaching the temperature, melt pipe of the heater and leading to its premature burning .

Sirakov Ltd uses only high quality materials, including tubes, Cantal, magnesium oxide and high-wire steel sharmovka, durability at a higher operating temperature.

Sirakov Company Ltd. manufactures high quality heaters pellet burners for the needs of its customers. More necessary for your heater pellet burner you can get connecting with us by our page (http://www.nagrevatel.eu) contacts.