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Asphalt heaters

Asphalt heaters are very specific type heaters, which are used in the majority of cases, for asphalt laying machines. Also prevalent are concrete units and in all places where it is needed high thermal treatment serves to work with asphalt and the asphalt analytical products.

The specifics of this type of heater is in their appearance and shape. In 90% of cases, this type of heaters are tubular heaters rights form “D” – shaped or “T” – shaped. The pipes, which are made are rolled on both sides of acquiring a flat surface, resembling the letter “O”. The diameter of these pipes is different and depends on the specifics of each of the machines for which the heaters are used for asphalt. This type of asphalt heaters, complete with specific, highly individual, again based machines, plug nozzle, which serve for the installation of heaters themselves. Power edges in many cases are wires with a length L = 500mm, L = 1000mm, L = 1500mm and L = 2000mm, which again depend on the machine where asphalt heaters are installed. This length can be adjusted, depending on the specific needs of each client Sirakov Ltd. (http://www.nagrevatel.eu). The wires can be high temperature resistant wire conductors such as fiberglass, silicone wire, wire MICANITE but as additional insulation and protection degree of asphalt heaters, wires can be further zashtitelni galvanized steel with insulation that our company offers.

Other asphalt heaters that can be produced are standard tubular heaters, “U” – shaped, with an extra “L” – shaped or “T” – shaped, depending again on the type of machine. Bending here is performed by the tube heater muddy in places that will bend in order maklsimalno contraction of the heating pipe, close to each other.

In most cases, both types of asphalt heaters are interchangeable and no problem to replace one kind to use the other type of heater as their common features are completely identical. These heaters standard does not have a large power output, which varies depending on the type of asphalt heater for P = 500W to 1200W = P, and these values ​​are oreantirovarni and can be changed in the process of manufacture of heaters for asphalt.

Sirakov Company Ltd. manufactures high quality heaters for asphalt and asphalt machines for the needs of its customers. More meets your heater, you can get by contacting us by our page (http://www.nagrevatel.eu) contacts.