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Personalized Heaters that we manufacture are only high quality heaters with strongly defined background. Our heaters elements and products that we use in manufacturing process has all the possible certificates for quality.


Our company knows well the meaning of each different element that we use in manufacture process of our personalized heaters. Definitely this fact make us to value on high level our long term business relations with our suppliers and partners. More of them- unprecedented leaders in our business sphere in world scale. Those are our suppliers of KANTHAL (Swedish company KANTHAL, witch name is guarantee for quality and long life). That is in the base of each type of electrical heater, with no meaning of its outer form and type. Another of our main suppliers is our suppliers of tubes, tubular elements, cables, cable elements and much more.


For finishing of our goods, in the manufacturing process, we rely on automatized working process with machines. They are actual enough and that we use to upgrade permanently. Also we rely to our high quality personal that are only professional workers in our business, with long year length of service only. These are engineers, electro technical workers, turners, also professional workers in another sphere of activities that we use in our manufacturing process. All of them finish precisely even the smallest detail of our products that brings to optimization of personalized heaters, manufactured by our company and aimed to thousands of our clients.


Our company values high its employees, because we know well that even you had the best machines, there is no machine, having intellect to finish process. They are connected with specific needs of each of our clients. That way we guarantee manufacturing of each heater with no meaning of its type, form, the way if its installation and execution of each level of manufacturing.


We offer hand making of customized heaters that we have preliminarily given type and form by our client. It could be heater that could not be found elsewhere. No one of our competitors has no the experience of high quality staff that could finish each specific project. More of our competitors have manufacturing machines that use matrix way for manufacture. These matrixes manufacture using forms that could not be changed by size, form and type. For more of those companies it is not profitable to manufacture matrix for few heaters. Handmade heaters and all the heaters manufactured by our company have a lot of positive properties:

  • those heaters are manufactured more carefully and detailed compared to fully mechanized manufactured heaters;
  • in more of the cases in our practice it happens to order lot of heaters for expensive machines that cost a lot of time, but from business practice every one of us know well that “time is money”;
  • in all cases handmade heaters and all other heaters and products, manufactured by our company are advantageous compared to those buy from the company, manufacturer of clients machines;
  • Chance, when our clients use correct exploitation for our heaters, to let them work effectively better compared to fully mechanical manufactured heaters, is extremely big.


You can take a look at our heaters. You can also follow us on our Facebook page and our LinkedIn page.


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Personalized cartridge heaters.

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Insulating Jacket

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Extreme heaters (heaters working in extreme conditions)

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Service of your plant and equipment

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