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Heating conductor (flexible heater)

Sirakov Company Ltd. (http://www.nagrevatel.eu) manufactures flexible high performance board heaters or heating wires. We produce versatile heaters in two varieties apparent from the table below:

Product voltage power meter
flexible heater (heating wire) 230 V 30W
flexible heater (heating wire) 230V 50W

This type heaters visually very much resemble standard electric wire (cable), but the difference is that flexible heaters emit heat over its entire length. These heaters are unified power in two varieties, respectively 30W and 50W, operating at 230V. The heaters are manufactured in length selected by the customer, such as power remains constant for the meter. For example, if you select the heating wire from 50W to 230V, ordering one (1) meter, the heater you will be 50W. In case the order 1,50 meters, power will be 1.5 m x 50W = 75W, the respective heater. If order two (2) meters, respectively, will get a heating wire from 100W to 230V. Similarly it is with heating wires of 30W.

This type of heaters are made by one side, no power, heating wires or flexible heater close with a special plug designed for these heaters, which guarantees them complete isolation from moisture. Power supply wires may be standard from the range offered by Sirakov Ltd. (http://www.nagrevatel.eu), as the power supply wires grip through clamp, welding (with silver solder or spot welding) and also through terminals depending on the application and corresponding device.

Nagrevatlnite wires (flexible heaters), most often used in aluminum windows to remove moisture in them, but also in the food industry and in particular in refrigerators and hot display cases.

Sirakov Company Ltd. manufactures high quality flexible heaters (flexible heating wires) for the needs of its customers. More about the needed heater galvanizing, you can get by contacting us by our page (http://www.nagrevatel.eu) contacts.