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Resistors are elements that are used to reduce the voltage of electricity. In most industries, where there are specific or specific plant or equipment, uses a resistor to provide these specific tools they need for optimal conditions. Another function of the resistor is to reduce tension in conditions where working people and high voltage could damage their health. So apply resistors to reduce tensions and possible accidents are less likely.

In making the resistors, they are calculated and constructed for a specific ohmic voltage decreases initially submitted to the required voltage lower voltage, depending on the specific requirements of a client. In a manufac may use different resistors. Thus, passing a certain voltage to a machine it can be shared and reduced to the required values, and to another machine may again be made and distributed to other voltage according to the requirements of a facility. Thus simultaneously to a machine originally submitted this voltage is divided by a value, while that to another machine to be reassigned to another value.

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