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Cartridge heaters

Case- bullet heaters are tubular heaters that owns specific and typical lines let them to be defined like a different class (group) of heaters.

Their name comes from their specific form that they definitely have. Those heaters are typical, made by tube (in all well-known types and known materials). So they could be manufactured by ferrous tubes, steel tubes, copper tubes, but sometimes (very rarely) from quartz tubes. Their distinctive characteristic is one side open with tips from the one side (two, three, four or more tips come out from one side of the heater) and closed by the other side, using some different methods:

  • Using metal lamella;
  • Using copper cork;
  • Using silver solder;
  • някои други непопулярни начини, които се срещат много рядко в практиката.

Another distinctive characteristic is that they do not acquire other form, but only typical right (bullet) form. Recently tubes, used for this type of heaters manufacture, are ferrous and steel thinly- walled tubes. Those tubes make inside heater isolation easier and effective.

Cased heaters could be electricity powered proportional of their tube length. So (like is typical for more types of heaters) size of the used area determine the electricity power. In other words how much your heater is longer, so it could be more electricity powerful!

Case- bullet heaters could be manufactured with tips like any other type of heater (but recently these could happen, using silicone cable tips with different length that is determined by their installing specification), also it depends from way of installation.Case- bullet heaters let their clamping possible. This could happen using any type of thimble, but probably recently used method is popular like „М”- tip that are in different sizes, in depend of wall thickness of the tubes. Case heatersusually uses wider diameter of the tube compared with other types of tubular heaters.So in more of the cases case- bullet heaters tube diameter vary between d=6mm and recently touches d=60mm, but sometimes they could reach even wider diameter.

Case- bullet heaters usually has been installed in specific machines (equipment) and uses special canals (furrows), where the heater just have to be putted in, on the principal of bullet in gun.That makes those types of heaters very easy for installation, but also for dismantles.

Used by Sirakov S Ltd methodology for manufacturing of case- bullet heaters, in addition with the high quality of used materials, ensure their long and useful life of each of the heaters from that type.