Domestic heaters are extremely popular because they are existing in every household in the world. Household heaters are used mostly in household electrical engineering and concrete “white goods”. For example, our heaters are used in many devices known in every family and available at each house:

– In each model stove (as in the oven of these stoves, and in the heart of the older types of plates);
– Dishwashers, especially those who have among their functions option for drying household utensils;
– Refrigerators – a few known heater may be located in a device that is mainly characterized by cooling;
– Microwave oven – microwave each, in addition to the principle of micro-wave, is made up of heaters Sirakov company C Ltd. manufactures and offers;
– Coffee machine – coffee machine each, regardless of the type and model, core work, based on the heater;
– Boilers – each of us, perhaps, at least a few times in my life I was confronted with a blown heater to the tank;
– Laundry (washing machines) – each laundry, whether it is constructed to have a dryer or not, basically working with a heater that is used in all programs that work and serve to heat water in it;
– Grill and grill – popular in every home appliance whose operation is impossible without a heater;
– Toaster – for lovers of toasted bread is a must to have at home this small in size but not value unit, 90% of which operate on a heater;
– Household robots – most popular time for purposes other household robots operate on the basis of electric heaters;
– Vacuum cleaners – many of the newer models have a vacuum cleaner inside your heater through which perform ancillary functions such as drying, etc.;
– Iron
– Electric kettle;
– Press for sandwiches;
– Fryer;
– Bread;
– Fan heater;
– Convector for heating or cooling;
– Bath heaters;
– PECIFIC boilers, generators and heating systems for entire buildings;
– Popular systems for eliminating condensation on your window frames;
– Popular years ago underfloor heating;
– Solar heating systems;
– Any innovative solutions where heaters might be applicable.

To attract new customers and quality service to existing customers, our company has an authorized service center for household electrical engineering, which could benefit each of our clients, whether to change a heater, manufactured and supplied by us but also for any problem that arises in the daily lives of our customers and is connected to any type of a domestic appliance. We decided to promote our business and this, combined with the production of heaters, as due to economic circumstances, many people began to engage in unusual activities and to offer repair of appliances without having a clear idea of ​​what it is.

More information you can find on the website of our company – http://www.nagrevatel.eu, or listed on ways to contact us.

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