Ceramic Heater

Ceramic heaters are often described as obsolete, perhaps because they are one of the pioneers in electric pipe heaters and everything in the dynamic development of technology, machinery and production cycles. Therefore they are less are used in various porizvodstva.

Ceramic heaters, however, are still not quite Tolk lived their lives and are still used quite a few, especially in slaborazvitie countries with weaker economies, just as in Bulgaria at the moment. This is due to the inability or less opportunity for development and modernization of technology in various industries.

Ceramic heaters are not used as much as they thought, and actually much more dangerous than other heaters. This is because the coils (spirals Kant) that the ceramic heaters (http://www.nagrevatel.eu) were found, but it takes a strong current. This carries a risk for operators of machinery but also for production companies as can easily occur defect to other parts of the plant caused by overheating, moisture, fire and more. However, if their safety is well secured, ceramic heaters are extremely useful. Equally quartz heaters, they are very strong heat exchangers. This is due to the lack of internal insulation and outer edge.

Ceramic heaters can have many different forms. Depends osobennosta the machine itself and ceramic element / s of the heater. The most commonly used ceramic elements used are cylindrical ceramic elements to power the heater should be collected with a specific diameter (very commonly used ceramic cylinder with diameter d = 26 mm and d = 32 mm, but many others) . These cylindrical elements have a number of groove where nanizva spiral edge. So the heater power is distributed over the entire area of ​​the heater. A ceramic heater can be composed of several or many such ceramics, depending on how long to heat up. Most often a dazhina from 500 mm to 1500 mm, but that does not mean you can not get out of these ranges to be constructed according to the specific needs of each client. (Http://www.nagrevatel.eu) Another commonly used type of flat ceramics are ceramics. Each of these plates is a rectangular plate with several grooves (channels), which makes wire. Again, as with the aforementioned elements here using several panels in order to determine the length of the heater back to the customer requirements.

There are many others, other than those ceramic heaters. This of course is due to the properties of a ceramic component of each ceramic heater. Our company works with established manufacturers of ceramics and ceramic elements to satisfy the most demanding customers and their specific needs, satisfying the needs of the production.

For additional questions and clarifications on the cartridge heater and for making a specific request for a specific type of cartridge heater, please do not hesitate to contact our experts listed in our website http://www.nagrevatel.eu contact details . So we can produce the desired heater in the best possible way, satisfying your needs.

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