Tubular heaters

Tubular heaters are the most popular heaters find application in every sphere of production and industry. Ttabni heaters constitute heater tube which can be manufactured from a different material . The tubular heaters may be made of a black pipe , the tubular heaters are in black pipe . Also tubular heaters can be made ​​of stainless steel material are stainless steel tubular heating elements . Steel tubular heating elements can be identified as the most popular tubular heaters. A tubular heater of a steel pipe can be made ​​of a tube with different properties and characteristics. The most popular steel tubular heating elements are made of steel SS304 and SS306. Also very popular are steel tubular heating elements from steel material type SS316, which are popular as a Roasted tubular heaters, due to the fact that this type of steel material is further hardened ( zhaena tube) . Also there are steel materials of various impurities which make the steel pipe heater to operate for a long time and be more resilient when operating in acids and bases, wherein the other types of materials and piping can not withstand particularly long , which is true even stronger degree and conventional steel tubular heaters.

Another type of material used in the manufacture of tubular heater is copper. These are copper tube heaters. Copper tube heater in many cases used to work in the aquatic environment . Copper heaters used in water heaters , water heaters , and the like . Comfortable with this type tubular heating elements that are susceptible to deformation even at home , because of softness of honey and copper pipe . Copper tube heaters are not suitable for use in air and under specific conditions and work environments .

Tubular heaters be acylated using varying thickness of the pipe , regardless of the type of tube (black tube heater , stainless steel tube heater , steel heater pipe or copper tube heater ) . The thickness of the pipe standard wahrid d = diameter of 6 mm to pipe diameter of d = 20 mm , which does not exclude the other wall thickness according to the needs of each individual client.

Besides standard tube with a circular cross section , in the manufacture of tubular heating elements may be used and a tube of square tubes and rectangular . These are most often cassette heaters or cartridge heaters cassette in which the ends ( the power supply to the heater ) comes out of one side .

Tubular heaters are made by request of our clients in shape and appearance , what they need for their industrial production or other use of tubular heaters. Our company offers complete freedom from the form and type of pipe heaters. In practice , we could produce everything for you , if you ask us specific model and type , containing the exact data of the tubular heater you need .

Our company has grown and developed the production of tubular heating elements with magnesium oxide (MgO), which extends the service life of your tube heaters. This was prepared form via compression of magnesium oxide as the insulation of each manufactured by us tubular heater.

As a manufacturer of electric heaters so rich experience and culture in this area , we are willing to boldly stand behind the position that there is no problem in the field of manufacturing of electric heaters, which we are not able to solve the successful business of our thousands of customers country and abroad.

For additional questions and clarifications on the cartridge heater , as well as making a specific request for a specific type of cartridge heater , please do not hesitate to contact our experts listed in our website http://www.nagrevatel.eu contact details . So we can produce the desired heater in the best possible way , satisfying your specific needs.

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