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Original cartridges

Since September 2012 our company became the official representative of the world’s largest manufacturer specialized in the production of the tape cartridge heaters or as popular cartridge heater heating elements. So we offer a wide range of our market that diversify weekly from cartridge heaters used for the needs of different industries.

We offer professionally designed cartridge heaters, original, for all plant and equipment located in multiple manufacturing plants, mills, factories and more. These heaters are made by special technology which allows very little space to achieve many different capacities. We cartridge heaters are a tube diameter of d = d = 6 mm to 20 mm, with a variety of lengths of pipe. The findings of these heaters are, both external and internal, with various lengths of the conclusions. Also original cartridge heaters, due to the nature of the manufacturing process, can be very powerful to gather a small area. The lengths of these cartridge heaters can start from L = 30 mm and reach lengths.

Our company offers its customers fast delivery of original heaters in their model, at very competitive prices guaranteed unlikely anyone else will be able to offer. This is due to the fact that we agreed with the manufacturer at very favorable financial and qualitative terms conditions that optimally satisfy the customers of our company.

Simultaneously, our company continues to produce cartridge heaters model, but try to maintain its production maximum range varied so as to provide you, our customers products of the highest quality in the shortest possible time and at reasonable prices.

With Sirakov Company Ltd. offers high-quality original cartridge heaters needs of its customers. More meets your cartridge heater can be obtained contacting us by our page (http://www.nagrevatel.eu) contacts.