Thermal insulation jacket

Thermal insulation jacket for heaters is an innovative solution in the heating industry presentation on the Bulgarian market, only by company Sirakov Ltd. ( Our company offers the product for about a year as impressions on him are unambiguous, namely that the product is very impressive and useful for every one of the many customers that our company produces heaters.

The essence of the thermal insulation jacket predisposes use primarily on, micanite or drum heaters both in pure form micanite and the Taki heaters made of a ceramic base. Thermal casing is used, putting himself on a heater or heating unit. Thermal insulation jacket is made of a special technology, which does not allow him to be damaged or stuck on the heating body, which in turn allows its easy assembly and disassembly of the heating facility.

The idea of ​​thermal jacket on the heaters is simply storing the heat, keeping the temperature levels achieved by the heater, even after stopping his work. Each thermal insulation jacket contributes to about 40% energy spestyaemost. This means that the operating time of the heater actually reduced by up to 40% when using this thermal insulating jacket, keeping temperature levels to the levels of functioning heater. This in turn leads to a reduction of costs of energy, respectively, up to 40%. That is, if your heater for 10 minutes, maintain a defined temperature, then in the case of using a thermally insulating jacket, it is necessary to run six minutes out of 10 minutes, maintaining a temperature, then, even temporary closing of the heater, for the remaining 4 minutes, the desired temperature will be maintained thanks to the thermal insulation jacket.

For additional questions and clarifications on the thermal insulating housings for heaters, as well as making a specific request for a certain type of thermal insulation jacket for heating, please do not hesitate to contact our experts referred to in our website contact details. So we can produce the desired heater in the best possible way, satisfying your needs.

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