керамичен нагревател, керамичен елемент, плосък керамичен нагревател

Ceramic Heater

Ceramic heaters are one of the first known types of heaters. They were popular in the past and they were of the most sold types of heaters. Their usage continues also in these days, but compared to the past they lost their popularity. Today a ceramic heater has been manufactured in small quantity and differences and with limited appliance, because of the extremely high usage of the other types of heaters and especially tubular heaters.

Ceramic heater characterizes itself by specific ceramic structure and recently with opened heating- resistor. So ceramic heater is opened type heater that makes it more dangerous for usage compared to other type heaters. That also brings to easier burning of the heater. That is especially because of the opened form of the heater. This could lead to touch with outer material and makes heater burn easier.

Appliance of ceramic heaters till 2011 is most popular in everyday necessities of the households, but their usage in the industry is less than 2%. This is mostly because of the modernization of the machines and equipment in industry sector and existing of older electrical apparatuses that still uses ceramic heaters for its heating needs.

For manufactured ceramic heaters, Sirakov S Ltd works with Bulgarian company manufacturer and supplier of ceramic elements that are given as a specific form from our client and has been manufactured on matrix, especially for the needs of the current client. KANTHAL that has been used is Swiss KANTHAL on the Swedish company KANTHAL that is popular as a higher possible quality known on the market.