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Flexible heater

Flexible heaters are heater type of cable wire. The difference is that the flexible heater has much higher level of heat, compared with standard cables, which have very different isolation and of course, intended.

     Flexible heaters have been widely used, especially years ago, at the construction of new buildings, the so-called floor and wall heating. In these cases, flexible heaters were laid under plaster floors and walls and displayed through a special thermostat is included in order to heat the building. Because of its consumption, except in cases of an alternative source of electricity, they have become expensive and their use of these ventures has decreased considerably in recent years, especially in continuously rising energy prices worldwide.

    The power of a flexible heating element is determined, again the principle of all other heaters on the basis of area used. Here there are variations of that in certain situations it becomes possible application of several layers of flexible heater on one another, which may be doubled, tripled and even quadrupled the power of heated area, which of course, like anything unusual, other results disadvantages. Power can vary the diameter of the wire, which is made present flexible heater. Thus, a flexible heater most standard ranges of 0.10 square millimeters and up to 25.00 square millimeters, which however does not mean that flexible heaters are manufactured only in its current range. On the contrary, flexible heaters, due to its plasticity, can be identified as the most easily deformable and easy to use heaters, compared with all other types of heaters.

Flexible heaters are mainly used in the new subways, on stairs, public buildings, streets, pipelines, which easily leads to freezing and receive additional costs and damages to the owners or people using these sites. Also modern use, they are in preventing condensation and moisture in the aluminum and PVC windows and removal of moisture from the walls in new buildings and facilities.

To activate this type of heating systems using flexible heater, used special equipment, depending on the type, power and mode of use of a heating system.

For delivery of this equipment Sirakov C Ltd. uses only licensed companies, established companies in the production and delivery of this type of equipment.

For proper execution of these types of systems, Sirakov S Ltd. offers delivery and installation of pre-made flexible heaters that ensure their proper installation and long-term use. This course is absolutely true for installation and commissioning of each heater, made by our company.