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Halogen Heaters

Halogen heaters produced by the company Sirakov Ltd., are extremely high quality heaters, designed for halogen heating. All halogen heaters that our company produces and which can be found on http://www.nagrevatel.eu are made only from high quality materials, raw materials only from the best suppliers in the field of halogen heating.

Sirakov Ltd. manufactures all kinds of halogen heaters, completely by the customers. Produce halogen heaters, which may have many different shapes and sizes. Here are envisaged as the most widespread “makes” pipe halogen heaters with different thickness of the pipe and length respectively, also with the installation of various reflectors, in the event that the needs of the customer requires a halogen reflector their heater. We offer our halogen heaters as a whole reflectors and reflectors with 180 degrees of the tube heater, and a degree of reflection, by customer. We could mount as reflectors gold-plated and coated with silver ,, and also with milky white coating. We are their customers the option to izrabotnim and reflector in their desired color or shade. Reglektorite made on halogen tubes used for halogen heaters can be as matte and semi-gloss and gloss completely, depending on the needs of individual clients.

Besides the standard straight pipe halogen heaters offer its customers halogen heaters in different forms. So we could create for each of you, heater in the most unusual form, such as “D” – shaped tubular halogen heater, “P” – shaped tubular halogen heater, and also a halogen heater in each more varied and unusual form depending on the needs of each individual customer.

Halogen heaters Sirakov Ltd. manufactures and which can be found on our web site is http://www.nagrevatel.eu izrabotvas with different thickness of the halogen tube, offer the greatest variety and size of the halogen tube sizes with precision up to ten, measured in millimeters. We halogen heaters operating at required of each client, amperage and power that meets their respective needs.

Gripping power heaters, again, comes from Sirakov Ltd., in each variation necessary for certain client said the construction of the respective heater without izklyuchenitya and restrictions on types of points and the method of supply.

Sirakov Company Ltd. manufactures high quality halogen heaters for the needs of its customers. More about the needed halogen heater you can get connecting with us by our page (http://www.nagrevatel.eu) contacts.