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Heaters for appliances

Company Sirakov S Ltd. produces all known types of heaters for household appliances. Over the years the company has gained resource potential and made and stored in an extremely wide range of electric household appliances.

In feature and availability needed by our customers heater, the company is able to immediately produce it, and if desired by the customer, to deliver and install their household. This is possible through Service that our company brings to the attention of their customers.

In most cases, heaters are used in household type tubular heating elements with a wide varied and diverse forms and types, depending on each type, model and brand appliances. In practice, no appliance, which up to now our company has failed to produce required for its normal functioning heater.

We produce heaters for every known appliance. We do all types of heaters:

– Cookers;
– Stoves;
– Plates;
– Toasters;
– Lighting;
– Mile machines;
– Washing;
– Refrigerators;
– Freezers;
– Windows;
– Appliances for food storage;
– Hoods;
– Converter heating stoves;
– Coffee Maker;
– Bread;
– Irons;
– Boilers;
– Solar systems;
– Elektroroboti;
– Drying;
– Oil heaters;
– Water heaters;
– Electric radiators;
– Heating sofas;
– Heating ventilation;
– Fireplaces;
– Furnace;
– Any other household electrical appliances used in every household and is used in every home.

Heaters offered to our customers are with guaranteed quality, laboratory tested and fully compatible with the original of your electrical heaters, which in many cases undetectable in the market.