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Insulating Jacket

Sirakov Company Ltd. offers its customers unique for Bulgarian and world market solution for energy spestyaemost of micanite, flat and drum heaters and ceramic drum heaters. This is the so-called insulating kuzhuh used for this type of heaters.

Insulation Jacket, is made on a special Western European technology of leading companies in the field of energy saving and portability. Represents, purely visual, coating, which is mounted, especially on ceramic and micanite drum heaters, but also on others mentioned above types of heaters. Serves to hold the temperature levels even after stopping the actual work of a heater. Thus it has reached a temperature was maintained for about 40% longer. So you get heating with 40% more while saving electricity. , Provided that you use a heater with larger size and greater power, respectively electricity consumption, or use a greater number of heaters, you actually through thermal insulation jacket will save about 40% of its electric power consumption on a daily, monthly, respectively yoy.

At its simplest, if you use a heater of the abovementioned species, heated to 10 minutes defined installation, then applying the thermal insulation jacket, this pealno heater will heat 6 minutes instead of 10 minutes, and during the rest (the remaining 4 minutes) , the heater will not consume electricity, but also heat and temperature, which creates a standard heater will maintain its range.

Sirakov Company Ltd. manufactures high-quality insulating housings for the needs of its customers. More about the needed insulation kuzhuh you can get connecting with us by our page (http://www.nagrevatel.eu) contacts.