кварцова тръба, кварцови тръби, кварц, стъклена тръба

Quartz tubes

We offer our customers a wide range of standard and custom sizes of quartz tubes. These are the tubes in a wide range of pipe diameters. Quartz tarbi been profiled for use at high temperatures. Are characteristic in that their heat is obtained as quickly as desired by the user that is temperature and energy begin to separate as soon as possible after the inclusion of the type of heater. Quartz heaters warmed faster than almost all other types of heaters because of the quality of the pipe.

We offer multiple pipe diameters, characterized by different thickness of the walls. The characteristic lengths are offered pipes are 2.5 m and 3 m of pipe. For the convenience of our customers the company offers cutting quartz tubes in the necessary shift of our clients.

We offer custom quartz tubes with diameters:






other specific inquiry.

For specific inquiries, please do not waste time in vain, and contact our experts, referred to in page phones for them, quickly and expertly answer your questions concerning the quartz tubes you need.