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Ceramic cartridge heater

Ceramic cartridge heaters, size and shape, are classic cartridge heaters. However, the difference between the classical ceramic cartridge heater and cartridge heater, the ceramic cartridge heaters are made by ceramic coating on their surface itself. This coating allows the ceramic cartridge heater to withstand and continue its effective work, even at a higher temperature. Here it comes to temperature levels that standard cassette cartridge heaters would not izdzhali and would defective. So classic cartridge heaters in most cases made of pipe SS304, and even types of pipes SS309 and SS316, willing to endure temperature to levels of no more than 700 degrees centigrade.

So ceramic cartridge heaters would be a suitable option for machinery and equipment, which uses a higher temperature, where the elements are subjected to abnormal operating conditions, including direct falling into flame in certain kinds of machinery and equipment.

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