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Finned Heaters

Finned heaters are specific heaters, which are made of standard pipe or mikanitovi heaters. Again, as with any other pipe and mikanitovi heaters, finned heaters can all have various shape and form. The difference consists in the fact that on a given tube heater or heater is made mikanitov specific element or series of elements in our practice are called fins. These fins most often acquire the appearance of heaters, tubular heaters eg fins most often round, and in most mikanitovite fins are rectangular.

The fins are used as an additional, external insulator of the specific tube heater or a ceramic heater. Through these heaters with fins no direct contact with the neighboring environment, which are adjacent (plant and so on. This is generally an additional defense mechanism that protects both the machine and heaters. Most common use of heaters with fins are in the air.

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