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Heaters and furnaces for pizza

Our company offers manufacturing of tubular electric heaters, ovens for pizza. Pizza ovens, or for short called pitsarki represent furnaces as different sizes contained inside myself than two pieces of tubular electric heaters to more than 12 the number of tubular electric heaters. There are pizza ovens with multiple number of heaters that are most often of the same type. This type of pizza ovens are standard, whole production lines where the pizzas are moving bar rotation to maximize their good cook.

In Bulgaria, the most common and are used fixed pattern pizza ovens, which are characterized by a particular model heaters. These heaters are tubular heating elements made of steel tube, the most common type SS304, as production from other types of pipe, such as a black tube leading to flaking and falling charred pieces of pipe on the pizzas, which are baked in a given furnace. Tubular heaters pizza ovens are standard with “W” – shaped, with extension in part, where are the conclusions. Standard heaters pizza ovens are made of tube diameter d = 10mm, with connecting elements with size M14 with a diameter d = 14 mm, with thread and nut for clamping the heater. In pizza ovens, this type of heaters are placed and attached by retaining straps.

Besides the above-mentioned heaters oven pizza company Sirakov Ltd. offers its customers, making any other, spilling from the standard types of heaters and furnace particular heaters pizza oven. Our company will work out for your needs, each type of heater that is set us, so please do not hesitate to contact us. Our specialists will respond to your request, as soon as possible in order to meet your specific need for production of electric tube heater for pizza oven.

Sirakov Company Ltd. manufactures high quality heaters, furnaces pizza for the needs of its customers. More meets your heater, you can get by contacting us by our page (http://www.nagrevatel.eu) contacts.