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Mainfold heater


Collector tube heaters are mainly used for quickly heated substrates.
Characteristic of this type heaters that are used in achieving high levels of temperature , even around 1000 degrees Celsius . Another distinctive feature of the collector tube heaters is that despite tryahnata tubular nature , they are extremely easy to shape and have great flexibility. The shape of the collector tube heaters could be easily changed even with a simple rubber mallet . These properties can be ideal for the application of these heaters in particular forms which are heated to a certain temperature . This flexibility is achieved thanks to the excellent nachestva high temperature alloy NiCr. The wire is placed in the tubes of chrome-nickel steel sheath and the insulation is of the highest quality of magnesium oxide (MgO).


In manifold heaters, at the ends of the tube there is a terminal post which gives a cold section of about 40mm ( minimum) . Both post terminals at the ends of each tube are sealed with a special component for preventing the penetration of moisture into the heater .

This type of heaters are provided in the tubes as the round and square cross section of the tube.

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