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Micathermic heaters

Micathermic or just mica heaters are more specific, but less popular compared to other types of electrical heaters. Even that they find their application in practice. Most possible is to find mica heaters in a heavy and light industry and machining of specific production. More recent they have been used in manufacturing and after machining of products that are hard for machining, but that also find their specific application. Mica heaters could be also found on many other different and strange places.

Mica heater could be manufactured by clear mica base, but also in interaction with specific ceramic forms, that builds specific mica heater.

Recently mica heaters are whole flat form heaters (they look like tile or other similar right and ideal form). Those types of heaters characterizes by that they rarely have high electricity power in it. More of mica heaters work in low electricity power (6V, 8V, 12V, 24V, 36V, and 48V), that do not mean that they are not been used in standard machines, working in standard electricity power (110V, 220V, 360V). Another distinctive work surrounding of those type of heaters is their weak current that they aims (recently they are not over 400Welectricity power of each heater).

Except so popular flat mica heaters, there are other popular mica heaters in manufacturing – those are drum mica heaters or just drum heaters. They are also based on mica heaters and also could be compatible with ceramic forms.

Those type heaters could be isolated, using different goods. Most recent for that aim there has been used:

  • Non- corrosive steel;
  • Ferrous metals;
  • Specific folios.

Mica heaters could be installed recently using some primary methods that depends from specific machines, equipment and conditions where the heater should be installed. So basic methods could be specified like follow:

  • Bore a holes in the heater that aims to make its installation easier, using screw, bolt with carving and some other similar materials;
  • Heater’s clamping, using peg/ pegs;
  • When we talk about drum heaters, recently they have not been clamped, using bolt and nut that tighten up the heater around the specific base that he was foresee to separate heat for.

Mica heaters using different ways for power supplying. For that object there had been use different elements, again in depends by the specific of the current machine that they have been foresee for. There could be say some prom the basic (popular) ways for electricity power supplying, like follows:

  • Installing of cable shoes;
  • Installing of socket;
  • Installing of euro- socket;
  • Installing of contact- plug;
  • Installing, using flexible tip or silicone cable;
  • Other different methods, used in clamping of mica heaters to the place of their application.

For manufacturing of each mica heater, Sirakov S Ltd uses only high quality materials by licensed suppliers of heaters manufacturing needed materials.That guarantees heaters long and useful life.