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Tubular Heaters

Tubular heaters are probably the most popular type of electrical heaters, known on the market. They could find various applications and could substitute any other type of electrical heaters.

Tubular heaters are well known from all the experts in the branch, also from anyone that have ever had a contact with electrical heaters, heaters elements and heating systems. Any tubular heater have a specific individual, characterize itself by own form, type and the way of its application. . To achieve that Sirakov S Ltd. has developed perfectly its own system for manufacturing of that type of electrical heater. In most cases that system make it able to synchronize on the maximum between quality of raw materials, form of the heater, that client wants and the electricity power that could be include in the heater and guarantee it maximal reliability and long life.

Technologists of our company are only people with long year of work experience in the branch of manufacturing of electrical heaters. Those people have always made beforehand mark of every ordered type of heater.In large number of cases those part of our staff gave an expert opinion to our clients, like changing power of the heater, some changes of the type and form of the heaters, that all could help for achieving longer life of our product (electrical heaters). All that we make especially for the current needs of our clients aiming improvement current client work and bring him optimal profits from his activities. That is because each client is important to us andhis full satisfy is very critical for us.

In case that tubular heater could be used from our clients, they are highly recommended from our company to each of our clients, even like a substitution of every other type of electrical heater that we offer and that is known on the market. For example tubular heaters have a magnificent characteristic to be manufactured from some different types of tubes, which could make easily their executing in probably all known conditions of working.That how tubular heaters could be made from:

  • Steel (rustles, chrome- nickel) tube thatis last time most popular kind of tubes, like a preferred material for manufacturing of tubular heater.This is because of its magnificent steadiness and applying to all possible conditions of working. That type of tube is appropriate for working in all possible modes of working environment;
  • Nicrotal tube;
  • black tube– those type of tubes are mostly part of near past, but some of the clients sometimes prefer it because of its lower price that make fully finished heaters price lower compared to other types of tubes and respectively heaters.Those type of tube is probably most recently used in dry working environment and air working environment, but it is not good for water working environment and specific working environment;
  • Copper tube – that mode of tube let maximal deformation and achieving of most non according to standard forms, compared to other two kinds of tubes. Parallel with that, electrical power that could be imported in each heater vary in wide diapason. That type of tube is good for using in all kinds of working conditions.

Simultaneously tubular heaters are very easy to use in all known conditions of working. Tubular heater could easily be applied at:

  • Dry working environment– working condition, that is typical of very strong heat separation. This conditions characterizes cases in which heaters have to work in isolated circumstances, with small level of contacts with oxygen, wet, high level of pressure and concentrate of hot waves;
  • Water environment – that working condition is representative to heaters, manufactured from steel tubes and copper tubes. Black tubes are not good for working in water conditions.Applying of that type of heaters could happen using two basic methods. First is partly plunging, where each heater is has been plunged in the liquid till the level of the liquid and active heating part of the heater. The other method is when the heater is fully plunged in the liquid, where each heater needs additional isolation, for its safe working;
  • Air environment – that type of working conditions is connected with high volume of oxygen that each heater working in. It is usually typical for heating of larger sizes of area that are not fully dry, but with low content of humidity;
  • Specific working environment – those are unpopular conditions of applyment of our heaters. Those could be places with high range of level of temperatures, existing of specific chemical and physical conditions. Sometimes they could be use where are unusual heating and water sources.

A different form that tubular heaters could acquire is high convenience and it is advantage for that type of heaters. Their ability to accept different and specific forms let the tubular heaters to adapt to any kind of manufacture and usage. Like that, for example, popular forms that tubular heaters could accept are:

  • tubular heater type „Hairpin”;
  • tubular heater type „double hairpin”;
  • tubular heater type „triple hairpin”;
  • tubular heater type „spiral”;
  • straighttubular heater;
  • tubular heater type „letter М”;
  • tubular heater type „letter Г”;
  • tubular heater type „letter П”;
  • tubular heater type „letter N”;
  • tubular heater type „letter V”;
  • tubular heater type „letter W”;
  • tubular heater type „letter C”;
  • tubular heaters with a specific form;
  • Other tubular heaters – our Company know well thousands different and specific heaters that satisfy even the more strange and optional requirements of our clients.

Achieving high level of quality of that type of electrical heater is possible because of the using of high quality materials, used by our company in manufacturing process. Here we could say that is primary used by us only Swedish KANTHAL on the Swiss company KANTHAL (http://www.kanthal.com). This is highest possible quality and owns all the best characteristics, well known from all the experts in branch of electrical heaters and heating machines. Rich difference of types of KANTHAL, that our Swiss business partner offers, let us usage of large range of KANTHAL gauges (in millimeters), also different contents that is typical for each type KANTHAL. Achieving needed electricity power with that high quality KANTHAL let us to achieve optimal economization from the size of the scale. This reduces long and useful life for each heater. Long years strong and beneficial relationship of Sirakov S Ltd and its business partners from Swedish company KANTHAL, are basic the reason of our quality heaters and other products that we produces on the market. They are also part of the reason for over 20th year’s history of our company in the sphere of producing of electrical heaters.It is not only chance that KANTHAL Company are always leaders on every competition that they participate on and they own all the possible certificates for quality known today. For sure this is a big advantage for all the clients of Sirakov S Ltd clients that use electrical heaters as a part of their business.

Another important part of each heater is tubes. It is not a chance the fact that our company use only leaders of sphere of tubes manufacturing (steel, black and capper tubes). Those are companies from Bulgaria, Italy, Russia, Poland and more. Those companies guarantee by their quality that the heater we are going to produce is going to be made, using best possible resources, known on the world market. Those tubes have been supplied in different forms, length and thickness of the wall. Thicknessof the wall of each tube is basic method that is used in manufacturing of specific heaters, with no meaning of the type of the heater. There are used many different tubes with different diameters of tubes (byф5 toф120, sometimes even more) and thickness of the walls on each tube (from very thin to very thick walls).

All the other elements like quartz sand, kaolin, silicon and more elements that are needed for the manufacturing for specific type of heaters. That guarantees its maximal tenacity and productivity.

Isolation of the tubular heaters is maximum successful compared to the other known types of heater. This is extremely because of the hardness of tubes.They are non-pliable of breaking, self-deformation and all kind changes of its form, without outer intervention. Except usual isolation of tubes, heaters have been isolated also from inside. That helps heating- resistor to be divided from heater walls, using different kind of methods. Primary methods for inside isolationis using of quartz sand and kaolin (kaolin has been stringed on the heating- resistor and between heater- resistor and kaolin and inside wall of the tube there been under big pressure quartz sand and after that whole the process finish with tamp that aims maximal fulfilling  of the empty spaces with quartz sand)and usage only of quartz sand (using scratch and positioning of the heating- resistor and injecting under big pressure of quartz sand by special equipping.

Tubular heaters are very good for usage in all kind of different conditions, because of the different ways for clamping and limbs that are used on the heater (tortuous limbs, hard limbs, flexible limbs, silicone limbs, men and women cable shoes) and usage of different methods of clamping heater to the machine, electrical device or the instrument, that each heater will be used on.Those clamping could happen easily, using lay of rims, clamping of tips by different types, pegs, also many other different types and ways that let easily installing and dismantle of the manufactured heater.

Tubular heaters find large range of application compared to all other types of heaters.Tubular heaters could be found in machines, equipment, different spaces and surroundings, finding place in all the possible spheres of manufacturing, technologies and economics at whole.This could be:

  • Metallurgy and Metallurgical industry;
  • Chemists and chemist industry;
  • Textile and textile industry;
  • Foods and feeding industry;
  • Woodworking and carpentry;
  • Ecological fuels, ecological revision, alternative fuel supply and alternative sources of heating and energy;
  • Electro technicsand power supply industry;
  • Medicine;
  • Hotels, hotels equipmentand hotel business;
  • Restaurants, restaurants equipmentand kitchen equipment;
  • Spa centers, balneology centers and wellness resorts and sanatoriums;
  • Professional and domestic swimming pools;
  • Professional and domestic saunas;
  • Printing houses and printing industry;
  • Drying machines and equipment in all kinds of manufacturing;
  • Road and transportation equipment and building;
  • Agriculture and agricultural manufacturing;
  • much more spheres and sectors…